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History of Vintage Base Ball

Vintage base ball is a re-creation of the 19th century game as living history through sport. First played in 1980, it has grown tremendously across America and Canada. There are today almost 300 men’s and women’s vintage base ball teams in existence, as well as organizations that promote the game. It educates people as to the origins of our national pastime as well as showcases the early rules and customs of the sport, which stress honor, sportsmanship, gentlemanly conduct and community pride. It is welcomed by spectators as a breath of fresh air from the commercialism and aggression of modern sports. As such, it is considered a genuine family activity.

There are typically two distinct eras represented by vintage base ball clubs — Civil War era and post-Civil War. The first play by 1860s rules and the latter by 1880s rules. For more information on the game, visit Eric Miklich's comprehensive website.

If you're looking for the history of Colt Meadows in Hartford, check it out here.

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